Freddy AI Skills come in many different forms

Freddy AI Skills are out-of-the-box, constantly evolving AI capabilities that include smart automation, deep-data recommendations and insights, and chatbots with intent-driven conversation capabilities.

Freddy AI Skills Freddy AI Skills

Whatever you do, Freddy AI Skills help you do it better

Freddy AI Skills are trained to deliver customized solutions to support, sales and marketing, and IT Service teams.

Skills for CX

Build a human-centered customer engagement platform that delights your customers at every touchpoint.

Skills for CRM

Create a high-performance sales team with deep-data insights, smart recommendations, and automation for mundane sales tasks.

Skills for IT

Improve employee satisfaction, boost agent productivity, and protect your business from critical operational incidents.

Explore All Freddy AI Skills

Auto Triage

Automatically predicts the various ticket fields for a ticket that the agent is working on.

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Assist Bot

Helps onboard and train agents and ensure process adherence across the organization.

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Thank You Detector

Detects ‘Thank you’ emails from customers and executes preset automated actions.

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Language Detector

Identifies the ticket requester's language and routes it to a relevant agent.

OOO Detector

Identifies OOO responses from customers and executes the required actions through automation rules.

Sentiment Detector

Identifies the sentiment of the incoming request and handles them with the required priority.

Article Suggester

Suggests solution articles to your agents to help them respond to email tickets.

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Canned Response Suggester

Suggests canned responses to agents while responding to email tickets.

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Social Signals

Creates tickets for social media posts that are detected to require assistance.

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Ask Freddy

Allows users to visualize data and create reports using conversational questions.

K-Base Insights

Prompts agents to create articles for questions in tickets that were created and not deflected.

QA Insights

Evaluates the quality of your agents' responses and provides insights for improvement.

Similar Ticket Suggester

Suggests tickets similar to the one the agent is working on, for immediate assistance and reference.

Chatbot Builder

Build customer support bots with absolutely no coding required.

Email Bot

Automatically responds to tickets with the relevant solution articles.

Voice Bot

Provides round-the-clock self-service, understands customer intent, and gives instant answers.

Speech-enabled IVR

Enables customers to connect with support agents through voice commands on Freshcaller.


Detects duplicate leads and contacts and helps salespersons maintain accurate account data.

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Next Best Action

Highlights a list of contacts and deals that the salesperson should prioritize for engagement and nurturing.

OOO Detector

Identifies on vacation or out of office responses from customers and suggests follow-up dates.

Profile Enrichment

Aggregates public information such as social profiles, company website, industry, etc. when an account is created.

Smart Connections

Highlights people from the same company as a single contact, improving salespeople's outreach volume with a prospect.

Suggest Calendar Events

Scans emails for availability and intent to meet, and suggests scheduling tasks or meetings.

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Lead Scoring

Assigns each lead a score based on engagement (with emails, calls) and lead property (e.g., industry, title)

Predictive Deal Insights

Tracks activity on all your Freshsales deals, predicts their outcomes, assigns tags and displays them on the Freddy view. 

Revenue Forecasting

Suggests which deals can be committed for the next four weeks and predicts sales numbers for the period.

Thank You Detector

Detects ‘Thank you’ emails from customers and automatically executes the preset required actions.

Automated Grouping

Continually strengthens context by attaching relevant incoming alerts to open incidents

Ask Freddy

Allows users to visualize data and create reports using conversational questions.

Predictive Intelligence:

Suggests the right category for an incident.

Predictive Intelligence: Routing

Leverages Predictive Intelligence to suggest the right group for an incident.

Discovers Correlation

Detects and displays correlation between seemingly unrelated events

Predictive Intelligence: Prioritization

Predictive Intelligence feature that suggests the right priority for an incident.

Content Suggestions

Suggests solution articles/canned responses to resolve an incident.

Similar Closed Incidents

Predictive Intelligence that suggests other open incidents similar to an incident.

Similar Open Incidents

Predictive Intelligence that suggests other open incidents similar to an incident.

Virtual Agent: Answers

Responds with FAQs that you have setup in your Freshservice account.

Virtual Agent: Concierge

Allows employees to check the status of tickets and pending approvals.

Virtual Agent: Incident Classifier

Identifies whether a customer is looking for troubleshooting or requesting access.

Virtual Agent: Service Item

Responds to an employee request with the correct service item.

Virtual Agent: Small Talk

It understands whether a customer is saying hi or hello.

See how Freddy AI can boost your team's performance

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Freddy AI for CX

Automate resolutions with intelligent chatbots powered by Freddy AI and save time for your customers and agents.

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Freddy AI for CRM

Enable your sales reps to deliver highly personalized customer engagement with AI-powered actionable insights.

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Freddy AI for IT

Empower your IT agents with smart AI recommendations, helping them improve their productivity.

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