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Say hi to Freddy AI!

Elevate your customer support experience, increase employee productivity, and maximize operational uptime with Freddy AI, the enterprise-grade AI engine powered by Freshworks Neo.



The Freshworks Neo Advantage

Freddy AI leverages the flexibility, extensibility, and scale of Freshworks Neo.

Highly personalizable and adaptable

Freddy AI Skills are built to constantly learn and adapt to your business needs, offering enterprise-grade personalization minus the complexity or pricing.

Out of the box, into your business

Freddy AI Skills are quick to deploy, easy to use, and highly customizable, and help you deliver proactive and intent-driven customer engagement right from the get-go.

Powered by scale and precision

Freddy AI's 30,000+ ML models are trained on diverse big-data, and together with advanced NLP models, deliver skills that are laser-focused on sales, support, and marketing use-cases.

Freddy AI boosts performance across teams

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Freddy AI for CX

Automate resolutions with intelligent chatbots powered by Freddy AI and save time for your customers and agents.

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Freddy AI for CRM

Enable your sales reps to deliver highly personalized customer engagement with AI-powered actionable insights.

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Freddy AI for IT

Empower your ITOps and service desk agents with smart AI recommendations, helping them improve their productivity.




Work smarter and faster

Freddy’s Artificial Intelligence works to make you the real genius. From providing instant and accurate suggestions to your customers to freeing up your support agents’ time for more strategic stuff, Freddy AI empowers you to do your best work.

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Predict issues and automate resolution

Freddy's machine learning-based predictions take the guesswork out of your work. Freddy analyzes past interactions to either pick the best response for instant resolution or hand-off the conversation to a human agent.

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Discover opportunities and make better decisions

Freddy is your personal sales assistant. It combines AI and analytics to provide real-time insights, analyses your CRM data to make accurate forecasts, and automates most of the mundane tasks so your sales team can ‘always be closing’.

A developer is building an app using components from a library in the developer platform. A developer is building an app using components from a library in the developer platform.




Take customer engagement to the next level

Deliver a highly personalized and human-centered customer engagement experience with Freddy AI-powered bots that go beyond just issue resolution and create true customer delight.

Learn more about what makes Freddy AI bots different.

Freddy powered chatbots Freddy powered chatbots

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