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Conventional support channels struggle as you scale


Has high resolution times, causing frequent backlogs and poor customer experiences


Comes with a high cost per contact, requiring heavy investments with growing volumes

Live chat

Requires you to constantly grow your team, increasing costs exponentially

Overcome the limitations of live chat with messaging

Live chat

Limited to web and in-app

Also supports messaging apps

Conversation history

Not preserved


Cross-device continuity






Deflection through self-service

Not possible


Scale efficiently with Freshchat’s digital-first customer service


Reduce your agents’ workload

Deflect and resolve up to 80% of incoming cases without agent intervention. Allow your team to focus on more meaningful work while drastically reducing resolution times for low-touch issues.

Reduce workload Reduce workload



Digitize your IVR workflows

Serve customers via messaging with ease. Digitize your IVRs to pass on customers’ issues to the right chat queues for agents.

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Lower incoming requests with proactive support

Reach out to customers before they reach you, with hyper-targeted campaigns. Bring down incoming requests by addressing their concerns proactively.



Help your agents be more productive

Access a suite of features that aid your agents’ productivity. Enable them to automate routine workflows and resolve issues with great speed and efficiency.

help agents be productive help agents be productive



Never leave a conversation incomplete

Long queues for live chat support can be frustrating for customers and hectic for agents. Use an asynchronous messaging solution that allows both to continue a conversation at their own pace.

never leave conversations incomplete never leave conversations incomplete



Handle high volumes with ease

Freshchat is easy to configure, deploy, and maintain - making it accessible for every business, not just the Fortune 500 companies. Effortlessly scale to support millions of daily requests without any increase in agent count.

handle high volumes with ease handle high volumes with ease

Deliver stellar customer service via messaging

Multichannel support

Receive and respond to customers’ requests on the messaging apps of their choice.

AI-powered chatbots

Build complex bots with zero code to deflect issues and engage customers.

Multilingual support

Serve customers around the world in their preferred language, with 54 languages supported.


Send targeted emails, in-app, and push messages to customers based on their actions and personas.

Effortless integrations

Access the Freshchat marketplace to integrate your favorite apps and tools with just a few clicks.

Actionable insights

With a real-time dashboard, helpdesk, and team-member reporting, receive all the data needed to track and optimize your customer service.

Built on Neo, the enterprise platform tuned for scaling

Meet your expanding customer needs with the open and flexible Freshworks Platform. Access rich APIs for custom integrations, automated workflows, smart analytics, ecosystem partner solutions, and hundreds of Marketplace Apps. 


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