Everything you need to win at enterprise-level customer service

✓ AI-powered bots and Automation     ✓ Marketplace and Open APIs     ✓ Data Encryption, GDPR, and more


Scale up your customer service without scaling your team

Do more with less using chatbots

Our AI-powered chatbots represent your best agents 24/7. Deploy using our no-code bot builder. 

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Route messages without breaking a sweat

Set up bots to triage queries or use advanced assignment rules to route messages to the right agents.

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Take better customer service decisions using data

Monitor, measure, and optimize using real-time dashboards, automated reports, or bespoke reports using APIs. 

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scale up your cx without scaling your team scale up your cx without scaling your team

Granular level controls to fine-tune for the needs of enterprise

Manage multiple business hours

for your support teams working across different regions, times or time zones.

Control agent access

with advanced Roles and Permissions. Create special privileges and profiles that specify what an agent can see and do.

Support customers worldwide

with our Live Translate feature. Also, our agent platform and customer messenger supports over 32 languages. 


Connect with tools you already use

Bring all the tools you love

Integrate Freshchat with your CRM, Helpdesk, Marketing Automation, and other apps using our marketplace.

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Build custom apps for endless possibilities

Build customized apps with ease directly on top of Neo - our enterprise platform using our flexible developer framework.

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Secure your business and customer data

GDPR • IP and domain whitelisting • JWT Authentication • Data encryption • Cyber Essentials



Our robust data security and privacy practices form an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.

  • A multi-tier data security model
  • End-to-end security in the product stack
  • Highly resilient architecture
without hippa without hippa

Need to scale beyond messaging? We've got you.

Say hello to the #1 omnichannel helpdesk, Freshdesk

Power your CX with real-time insights

Optimize your customer experience and team productivity with metrics that matter

  • Access real-time dashboards

Identify workload and roadblocks and allocate resources accordingly using live metrics like agent availability, speed of response, conversation volume, and CSAT.

  • Generate custom reports with your own BI

Integrate Freshchat with your BI tool to derive business-centric metrics that make sense to you.

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omnichannel helpdesk

Delight customers across every


Unify customer messages and information across channels and give your customers an omnichannel experience.

  • Bring all customer communications on a single platform to deliver consistent service.
  • Deliver seamless support across phone, live chat, email, and social messengers like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Twitter, FB Messenger.
  • Use omnichannel routing to manage workloads across channels.

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delight customers across every touchpoint delight customers across every touchpoint