You're in good company

Seeking support can feel like a chore

Limited channels

Customers today prefer messaging a business over picking up the phone. But many businesses don’t give them that option.

Long wait times

High volumes on conventional support channels such as email, phone, and live chat often lead to long queues of frustrated customers.

Poor self-service

Customers often want a quick response to straightforward issues. But inadequate self-service options leave them confused and disappointed.

Lack of context

Customers hate being made to repeat themselves to multiple agents for the same issue.

Agent-driven conversations

When customers can’t dictate the channel, time, and pace of support conversations, they don’t feel in charge of the resolution process.

Offer customers convenience at their fingertips



Engage with customers, wherever they are

Be where your customers are. Deliver support on the messaging channels they prefer.



Bring self-service to the customer

Enable AI-powered self-service and allow customers to resolve issues without agent intervention, significantly improving customer satisfaction.

self service self service



Provide contextual, personalized support

Eliminate the need for customers to repeat themselves, with an asynchronous messaging solution that preserves conversation history across devices.

contextual support contextual support



Give power back to your customers 

Without being limited to real-time chats, customers can reach you outside available hours and continue the conversation at their own pace.

Power to the customer Power to the customer



Simplify call center IVRs

Traditional IVRs are confusing to navigate and time-consuming for customers, resulting in poor experiences and high drop-offs. Allow customers to switch to a user-friendly, visual IVR instead, on messaging channels.

Digitized IVR Digitized IVR

Deliver stellar customer service via messaging

Multichannel support

Let customers get in touch with you on the messaging apps of their choice.

AI-powered chatbots

Build complex bots with zero code to deflect low-touch issues. Follow up answers with bot flows that engage customers and lead them to resolution.

Multilingual support

Serve customers around the world in their preferred language, with 54 languages supported.

Graceful agent transfers

For complex issues, allow the chatbot to transition the conversation to a human agent seamlessly.


Send targeted emails, in-app, and push messages to customers based on their actions and personas.

Effortless integrations

Allow customers to converse using their favorite apps and tools within the chatbot. Use the Freshchat marketplace to build integrations easily.

Built on Neo, the enterprise platform tuned for scaling

Meet your expanding customer needs with the open and flexible Freshworks Platform. Access rich APIs for custom integrations, automated workflows, smart analytics, ecosystem partner solutions, and hundreds of Marketplace Apps. 


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