Auto-assign conversations to members in a group based on their skill levels and conversation load. Free your team members from reeling under the pressure of having to periodically pick conversations, or supervisors from having to keep a tab on what team members are up to at different times.

Intelliassign Screen Intelliassign Screen


Groups are set of team members who may handle conversations of similar nature. Groups may be formed on the basis of functions (Sales, Customer Success, Operations), or based on skills and abilitiies (say language based groups). Intended for both small and large teams, grouping lets you streamline interactions and processes. Groups may be mapped to specific topics, or conversations may be moved to a specific group manually. You can have load balanced assignment turned on for assignment within the group.

Groups screen Groups screen

Assignment rules

Create advance rules with user properties, topics, time of the day, message text, and map team members or groups to it. Auto-assign conversations to groups and members based on keywords, and let assignment rules take precedence over topic-group mapping.

Assignment rules screen Assignment rules screen