Your support can be a part of your app

With the Freshchat SDK, you don’t have to spend time building a chat screen from scratch. Give your customers a native messaging experience on your own mobile app.


The Freshchat SDK

Delightful experiences in the palm of your hand, literally!


Be accessible with in-app chat

Let your customers initiate live chats with your support agents with just a click of a button from within your mobile app. Set up welcome messages, and streamline and route conversations to the right teams.  

Localize the app experience with multi-lingual capabilities so you speak the language customers understand best.

in app chat in app chat



Automate with self-service

Enable self-service through FAQs & bots so your customers can browse through the articles for answers any time, even on flaky networks before reaching your agents. 

Make your bots the first line of defense. Create a bot in the bot builder and have both your Answers & bot flows triggered on the mobile apps natively.




in app chat 2 in app chat 2




Retain your brand’s identity

Depending on the theme you have set up for your business, the support section can also be customized extensively. Take advantage of the various different fonts, font sizes, button colors, and background colors, to reflect your brand.

retain your brand s identity retain your brand s identity

Of course, there's more!

CSAT surveys

Trigger customer satisfaction surveys and get responses from your customers after their conversations to assess and better your support.

Push notifications

Alert users with push notifications to ensure they do not miss out on conversations when they are not actively using your app or are out of your app.

Platform agnostic

The Freshchat SDK can be integrated with apps built on all major platforms like native Android, native iOS, React Native, Phonegap, Xamarin.


Empower your team with the mobile app


The Freshchat app for Android and iOS enables your agents to engage customers even when they are away from their desks or are on the move.


With instant alerts to new messages, agents can view conversations, user details, activity, assign conversations to other agents, resolve, reply, add private notes, use canned responses, send images
, share FAQs, and more!

mobile mobile