Freshchat vs LiveChat

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Focused conversations
Non-siloed self-service
Targeting that converts

Captures event attributes

Captures events only

24*7 lead capture
Data-driven responses
Onboarding and retention
Multi-channel messenger

In-app, WhatsApp, ABC, Messenger, Line & more

Messenger only

Note: Data as of April 20, 2018

The LiveChat alternative your team needs

Categorize conversations into channels and integrate FAQs inside the messenger

Your visitors and customers are used to product experiences that are modern, continuous, and contextual. With Freshchat, bring this experience to your website, in-app, and mobile. Categorize conversations into topic-based channels and route them to the right team members. Stop your self-service from becoming a silo by integrating FAQs inside the messenger.

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Send messages that convert and qualify leads with Bots

Target website visitors who are closer to making a purchase, dropping off, or landing on your page from a specific source. Send proactive messages that speak to them and drive them to take an action. Allow the bot to then kick in, generate leads, qualify them, and auto-upload their data into the CRM.

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Get all the contextual information to respond confidently

Get access to the user profile enriched from ClearBit Reveal, navigation path, and purchasing history. Pull information from external apps like CRM, marketing automation, or your billing software to bring all the context inside the team inbox.

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Turn users into happy, engaged customers

Don’t just stop with selling. Onboard new users, retain existing customers, and re-engage lapsing ones. Set up campaigns on your website or in-app to target specific segments of users based on their geography, purchasing history, product adoption, and other attributes.

proactive messaging 3x proactive messaging 3x

Sell and support from anywhere, anytime

Break the bounds created by live chat software. Engage prospects and customers from wherever they are – your website, in-product, mobile app, or social DMs. Respond from wherever your team is – the Freshchat inbox, Android/iOS mobile app, or a Slack channel.

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Celebrate growing leads and users without getting charged for them.

Contact based pricing Unlimited contacts
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