A modern messenger for small teams and large

Better user experience with the Freshchat messenger
  • Give your customers more context by creating Topics

  • Make FAQs more accessible by displaying them in your widget

  • Take full control of how the widget looks in your website.

Save time and gain efficiency with better routing capabilities
  • Create agent groups like Sales, Support or Billing so relevant chats reach them faster

  • Assign chats automatically based on load and skill-level using IntelliAssign

  • Set advanced assignment rules based on user properties like location, keywords and url.

Set the right response expectation
  • Set up custom response expectation or use the default response time by Freshchat to help your customers know how long they need to wait.

  • Automatically resolve chats to tickets when your team is offline. 

Support with more context
  • Save time and resolve faster by providing agents with customer details in the same dashboard

  • Use SmartPlugs to pull in customer data from third-party sources for additional context

Go beyond just your website
  • Respond and manage conversations from WhatsApp at scale

  • Allow iOS customers reach your business from the comfort of their phone's iMessages app

Plug into the powerful Freshworks Ecosystem

  • As Freshchat is a part of the Freshworks Ecosystem, it has deep integrations with other Freshworks products.
  • You can build an elaborate helpdesk system by integrating Freshchat to Freshdesk and easily convert chats to tickets.
  • With the Freshsales integration, you can create and upload new leads and chat with the existing ones from Freshchat.
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Unlike Crisp, you can reach out to us whenever you want to

We believe that it's important to be there for our customers at all times. Crisp forces customers from certain countries to use Email and Facebook Messenger to contact them. We value our customers and don't rob them of the convenience to reach out to us at any time, anyhow they want to. We provide 24x5 chat and call support and 24x7 email support to all customers regardless of their nationality.

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On the surface, Crisp appears to check the boxes in a feature vs feature comparison. But a lack of maturity in the product is realized once companies begin to use the product. This document highlights some hard-hitting facts in-depth that will help you try Freshchat and make the switch.

Freshchat vs Crisp Chat

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