The campus has moved online

While students spend almost 90% of their day-to-day conversations on WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger, educational institutions were still relying on phone and email, and in-person for communication. There was a disconnect.

COVID-19 has crippled traditional contact centers with phone lines clogged up thereby increasing wait times. It took a pandemic for institutions to adopt modern, digital channels to stay connected with students and parents. 

Is your institution ready to face the future?

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Freshchat modernizes institutions, reduces operational costs, and improves student experiences

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Be more accessible to students and parents

Freshchat enables students to connect with your staff on channels they are familiar with - your website, mobile app and even on everyday social messengers. Your students will love you for this!

Also, use these channels to send important announcements to parents and answer questions related to class schedules, test results, and course-related information.

Add chatbots to your roll call

Ease the load off your staff by employing our bots. And our bots will be there for you. Even after ‘after-school’ hours.

Here’s some ways our chatbots help schools and universities:
  • Book appointments with counsellors
  • Deliver precise answers to admission related queries
  • Provide campus information to applicants
  • Retrieve application status and test scores

Reduce call volumes by shifting to messaging

Shift support to messaging to make things easier for both your administrators and students.

  • Students and parents no longer have to wait in IVR queues to get in touch.
  • Deflect calls to chat on WhatsApp and Messages (on iOS)
  • Save cost as messaging allows staff to take on multiple chats at the same time.
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