Financial Technology



Key Wins
  • Improved CSAT rating 

  • Increased visibility over customer queries

  • Flexibility with automatic chat assignment

  • Intelliassign

  • Assignment Rules

  • Priority Inbox

  • Mobile SDK Integration

  • Freshchat
  • Freshdesk

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CSAT rating


Resolution time

<60 min

Missed conversations


About the company

FinAccel is an Indonesian financial technology company creating disruptive and meaningful products in retail credit for Southeast Asia. Their flagship product, Kredivo is the country’s largest and fastest-growing digital credit card.

It enables e-commerce buyers to apply and qualify for instant credit and pay back over time. Having launched in early 2016, FinAccel has gone on to become one of the fastest-growing startups in Indonesia.

Goal: Providing a seamless customer experience

One of Finaccel’s core values is to provide beautiful and seamless user experiences, which gives voice to their customer obsession and drive to constantly discover new ways to provide great experiences. In their short lifetime, they have been recognized as one of the top 100 Fintech companies in the world by KPMG and the numero uno of all Fintech companies in South East Asia at the Singapore Fintech Festival.


Challenge: Looking for an email and phone alternative to customer support

Given that customers tend to be skeptical when it comes to trusting financial institutions, FinAccel set out to establish itself as a customer service leader in the fintech space in Indonesia.

In the early days of the company, customers who needed to contact the support team would do so via the support email address or the native phone channel. This support email ran on Gmail and the challenges of running this were multifold. For Ahmad Johari, Vice President of Operations at FinAccel, the most important of them all was that this meant he had no visibility over customer inquiries and resolutions. There was no way to track or measure critical support metrics like response times and all the other obvious challenges that came with a shared inbox like accountability or efficiency.

“Before we had Freshchat and Freshdesk, we were struggling with the growth of customer operations at FinAccel. We were constantly firefighting all the time. There was no scope to track or measure the support operations and it was a nightmare. To put some numbers on it, our answer rate on phone was less than 40% and email response times abominable. This was something we definitely wanted to improve.”

Ahmad Johari

VP Operations


While they wanted to overcome these challenges with their traditional support channels, they were very keen to implement live chat to offer their users a familiar conversational experience. An important target base for FinAccel is the Indonesian millennial population. As is with the trend observed globally, popular messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have rapidly risen in utility, particularly within this segment of users. It became mission-critical for FinAccel to offer a similar experience that would be conversational and continuous to the end customer.

Solution: Staying on top of customer conversations with ticketing and messaging

With Freshchat and Freshdesk’s out-of-the-box solution, FinAccel managed to streamline their customer support operations overnight. With Freshdesk, all customer emails were now unique tickets that would be assigned to specific customer support agents, tracked, monitored and followed upon. It held agents accountable and provided complete context on customer queries, which was not possible with a shared inbox.


screenshot 2020 03 20 at 4 28 36 pm screenshot 2020 03 20 at 4 28 36 pm

Freshchat was made available to users inside the Kredivo mobile app. Within a year of this implementation, the support team has begun receiving upwards of 40,000 chats every month, contributing to 65% of queries across all channels. Chat has now become, FinAccel’s primary support channel, further vindicating their belief in conversational messaging.

“Chat is the way to go. We have no doubt about that. We have analysed our customers and we have observed that chat is the go-to channel for more than 70% of our users.”

Ahmad Johari

VP Operations


Benefits: Hitting the CSAT jackpot

Catering to their customers’ preferences has reaped big rewards for FinAccel. Not only has chat risen to become the most important support channel, but it has also helped improve their overall customer satisfaction rating to an impressive 98%.

The FinAccel team attributes this positive development to the faster response and resolution times made possible by Freshchat’s intuitive workflows and interface. Ahmad adds that “The Freshchat agent interface is modern and familiar. It is much like WhatsApp, which our support agents are very comfortable with and they needed no training with the Freshchat app. It has all the customer context and conversation history in the same view and this makes it very easy for them to understand and respond quickly”.

FinAccel's customer support team in action FinAccel's customer support team in action

FinAccel's customer support team in action

The "priority inbox" is by far, the most loved feature on Freshchat for the agents. It allows them to prioritize on chats that need attention more than others by sorting conversations based on waiting times. This has helped the team manage an SLA compliance of over 95%.

"Assignment rules" is another important feature for the FinAccel team. They have configured multiple assignment rules to ensure that the conversations are automatically assigned to the right team or agent depending on the type of customer (premium or otherwise) and the nature of their query. They also use the IntelliAssign feature to ensure chats are assigned in a load-balanced manner across the team and that no agent is singularly overburdened.

“First Contact Resolution is one of the most important metrics for us. It is a combination of both response times and quality of resolution. This is where Freshchat helps us incredibly. Our agents are set up for speed with the effective interface, whereas they also have all the context to respond accurately. And very importantly, the right agent is always working on the right customer query with intelligent automatic assignment.”

Ahmad Johari

VP Operations


Metrics Before Freshchat After Freshchat
First Response Time 2 hours   <20 minutes
Resolution time   3 hours   <60 minutes
Customer Satisfaction Not measured 4.8/5
Missed conversations 0 0